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Weekly Wednesday bonus 50 aud

Weekly Wednesday bonus 50 aud

How it works?

Every first top up on wednesday we will give 50 aud

Minimun top up 100 

For example 

Top up 100 free 50

100+50=150 x7=1050aud for withdrawl

Every wednesday 0:00:00 until 11:59:59 once a week to claim the bonus

General Terms & Conditions

  • Only all confirmed bets/wagers are counted towards the turnover requirement. All drawn or tied wagers, cancelled or void bets/wagers, or bets placed on opposite sides in a single game will not count towards the turnover accumulation.
  • MMB885 reserves the right to suspend or terminate any duplicate accounts or any account that does not adhere to the stipulated terms and conditions.
  • MMB885 reserves the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time without prior notice.
  • MMB885 reserve the right to reclaim the bonus and any winnings and/or close an account in a situation of abuse or fraud.
  • The General Terms & Conditions of MMB885 apply to all promotions.